How to: Access My Server Files via FTP?

Are you want a way to upload files faster to your server? I will show you on how to do that!

Login to

  1. Click on Game Services under Game & Voice Management then if you have more then one server select the one you want to access
  2. Save and then stop your service

Go to this website here: Filezilla Project

  1.  Download, Install and open it
    1. For the Hostname, Input your server IP
    2. For the Username, Input your LYHMEPanel Username
    3. For the Password, Input your LYHMEPanel Password
    4. For the Port, Input 21
  2. Click on Connect, then on the folder that shows up.
    - You now have access to all your server files this will allow you to drag and drop files from your computer to the server and from the server to your computer.

We hope this helped and makes your server administration experience faster and smoother.

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